A4 Filofax!


I suddenly got the urge the week before last that I really could do with an A4 Filofax for work!

As you know my collection includes the Pocket, Personal and A5, various in each size, but I have never ventured larger than A5 as I just thought it was WAY too big!

With work I tend to work off lots of printed off emails, lists etc, from various systems and I need to be able to keep them in order, as well as have a notes, to do and diary!  Filofax really seemed the only option.

I did go to Staples and look at their A4 Conference folders, but good lord they are huge!  I was there comparing the Filofax and Conference folder in Staples and looking at the pros and cons, and Filofax won!

So home I came and Ebay I stalked!  I found  a brand new A4 Graphic Filofax and I won it!  £36 incl postage, not bad I thought!

Here it is :-

Isn’t it lovely?  It is a microfibre cover, which really is quite practical really considering how much it is going to be carried around and left open!  Talk about open, it lies perfectly flat when open, which is great!

There are so many inside credit card holders and there is a pocket on both the front and back covers, as well as space for a notepad on the back.

Considering how much I have in it, it certainly isn’t bulky to carry!

See, not full!

How have I got it set up?  Well here goes :-

Plastic leaflet

Tab 1 – To do lists section

Tab 2 – Week on Two Pages diary for 2010 that came with the filofax

Tab 3 – Notes section

Tab 4 – Aged Debtors Analysis, Product code information, pricing structures etc

Tab 5 – Supplier orders

Tab 6 – People I need to chase

A – Z section has details on all the customers I am currently doing work for.

The one thing I really LOVE about this filofax is I can print out an A4 page, and punch it and bamn it fits, right way, no adjustments needed, and I can now store all the papers I work on!

So would I recommend it, yes as a work fax, but I certainly wouldn’t be carrying it around with me every day!

Love it!

p.s. Sorry Steve, I forgot to say, No other Filofax papers fit the A4, without having to repunch all the holes!


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  1. Hi Steve,

    Sorry I really should of said in the post, no other Filofax pages fit the A4, you would need to repunch holes!

  2. Wow, I think this must be the first post I’ve read about an A4 Filofax!
    Your setup seems very practical and organised, I’m sure you must be enjoying this binder.
    One question, or rather, request: you think you could post pictures of the calendar pages? with so much space available, I can only imagine they must look pretty cool!

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