Ollie – RIP August 21st ’10


Ollie, was my Mom’s German Shepherd.  She was a rescue dog, that my Mom took in whilst still in Zimbabwe.  She never had her before I left, so it must of been after 1998 but before 2001.

She went through the quarantine stay in the UK, when she was first sent over and so had been with my Mom through the whole relocation.

She had been poorly for a while, but medication seemed to have kept her going and she wasn’t in any pain.

However on Sunday Aug 20th, my Mom mentioned that she had collapsed 3 times during the day, and so they were taking her to the vet on Monday.

The outcome was not good, and dear Ollie had to go to doggy heaven.  Her spleen was bleeding internally and whilst they could of operated, due to her age (approx 13!) and her other conditions, it was not guaranteed she would make it.

It must have been one of the hardest decisions for my Mom and Dad, she was the world to them.

I am just grateful that I was there that weekend and Luke got to see her one last time.

So this next picture is especially special as it is the last picture of Luke and Ollie.

RIP Ollie (21st August ’10)


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