Lynette Anderson @ Quilters Haven!


I attended a course at Quilters Haven in August for Stitchery.

We were making the Bee Hive Stitchery set by Lynette Anderson and she was actually teaching the course!  I just could not pass it up, especially as I really want to get into stitchery and needed some guidance!

Here is a link to her website :-

What a truly wonderful lady!  She was an absolute pleasure to be taught by, and I found her to be so wonderfully honest and funny, and I must admit I did feel a bit star struck by it all!

Here is the pattern of what it is to be like, and my effort so far :-

I do have quite a bit to still do, but what I did manage to do at the course was great fun!

Unfortunately every good side has a negative, and I have to say the treatment by Quilters Haven was not acceptable!

Please understand this is absolutely NO reflection on Lynette at all, it is to do with the venue and owner of Quilters Haven.

I was at Festival of Quilts the weekend before the course, and whilst there I asked Karin on her stand if I needed to get the materials for the course at the show, or did they have stock of everything I needed at the shop.  She assured me I could buy EVERYTHING at the shop!  That was to be laughed at!

I went to Quilters Haven on the Saturday to buy my supplies and to say I was disappointed is an understatement!  They never had half the stuff I needed and the prices were nuts!

After much complaining, but also some wonderful help from THE only caring shop assistant in there, I managed to get almost everything I needed.

Now the cost!  When I booked, the website said £35 + pattern, which I and many other students read as being £35 and the pattern was included!  Oh how mistake could we have been!

The course cost me £35, I then had to spend an additional £50, yes that is right £50 on materials in order to the course!  NUTS £85 for a day course.  I love Lynette Andersons designs, and had I of known the final cost, I would of put that money towards buying more of her patterns and maybe emailing her if I got stuck!

It has left a very nasty taste in my mouth, and alot of other students and as a result I shall NEVER do another course at Quilters Haven again, in fact I am not sure I will EVER step foot in their shop again!

So many lessons learnt on so many different levels!

But on a happy note, I did get Lynette’s autograph!


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