Ipod Touch


I have been wanting an Ipod Touch for like forever!  But I was reluctant to spend the money, and I also was not sure I would use it.

So I stuck with my iPod Nano and my Netbook and I was happy!

Then I found out they were bringing out a new iPod Touch with a camera, video and face time!  My want increased and by the time it was announced at the beginning of Sept I was seriously gonna buy one!

What a pity the launch was not backed up by good stock levels!  I rang my local iStore every day last week in the hope that their stock had arrived and every day I was told it hadn’t but they would be in touch when it did!

Yeah right I thought!

Well, I have to give them credit, because 4pm Friday afternoon they rang, the iPod Touch 32gb had landed!

My poor son has never been rushed out the house so fast in all his little life!

I was in town handing over my credit card within 30mins of the call, and I was in fact the FIRST person in Ipswich to buy a 32gb iPod Touch out the iStore, how sad is that?  But how happy was I?

I can not explain what I was feeling, I was worse than a kid in a candy store!

I rushed home, put Fireman Sam on for Luke, and then knew I had 2hrs of peace and quiet to play!

I have yet to download my pictures of it, but it truly is a thing of beauty and I love it!

2nd best purchase this year!  The 1st was my netbook!

I love all the apps you can get on it, and better still I love that I can now run my Blackberry for work emails and social networking and my Ipod Touch for personal life and social networking.  No more worrying about have I posted the right thing to the right twitter account! LOL!

So if you are thinking of getting one, stop thinking and start buying as you certainly won’t regret it!

Here are the photos of it!

Such beauty!


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  1. You have talked me into buying a new Itouch. I have the very first one they ever came out with like 4 or 5 years ago but our daughter is wanting one and if I buy a new one I can give her this one 🙂

    • LOL! How funny, do let me know when you have it, and what you think of it! I will be amazed if it is nothing but love for it!

  2. I love how enthusiastic you are in this post. I imagine it’s what I was like when I got my iPhone. Lol. Your post makes me want to get an iPod touch though.

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