Festival of Quilts


August saw the Festival of Quilts arrive at the NEC and has I have never been I thought I would a great opportunity to go and see what is on offer!


I took my good friend Cheryl with me, and we travelled to P’boro on the Thursday, to spend some time with my family, then on Friday, I left Luke with them and we travelled up to the NEC.

Proof I am in the right place!

We got there about 45mins before the doors opened and I thought we may be the only people, to get there a bit too early, but obviously not!

Waiting to get in! The amount of people was crazy!

Doors opening!

A Quilter Lives Here, block of the month I have signed up to!  So far have received block 1, and it is cute, not sure when I will get it done, but figured if I have it all then when the time arises I can do it!  Just loved it at first sight!

This was the overall winner of the Quilt Show, and it was truly amazing, the amount of work, and precision on something so small!  Totally in awe!

This all that I bought whilst I was there, however I have had buy a quite more stuff when I got home in order to make the patterns!  But rather restrained I thought!


Here is the link to the photos of quilts I took at the show!


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