Craft update


I have been crafting quite a bit I think, but not 100% sure on what! LOL! So I am going to try and do an update and see what gets shown!

Christmas Decorations, bought these last year planning to put them on the tree in 2009 but that never happened, so hopefully we can have on the 2010 tree!

I have bought some really tiny beads to do the eyes and where the french knots are meant to be, as I can’t do french knots!

After seeing my friend Cheryl and her showing me the needlecase she made, I wanted to give one a go and this was the result!  I do like it, but I think it needs a fastening to keep it closed!

I have cast on Lady Kina, but as you can see from this, I haven’t really done much!  At the point I need to increase another 148sts and just haven’t had the peace to do it!  One day, soon, hopefully!

Of course I had also finished this for a swap, as mentioned in a previous post.

Here is the ripple blanket so far!  Taking ages to do but am getting there!

This is how wide it is now :-

Oh, such a long way to go!

Ok, so I know this is totally wonky, but it kinda appeals to me!  I am wondering if it has anything to do with the whole being left handed thing and this is the outcome?  I did figure it was a blanket that would be draped around you does it really matter!

I think that is all I have been upto at the moment!  I really do want to press on with more stuff, but time is once again not my friend!


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  1. I need to learn how to do a crochet blanket like in your last photo. I’m making mine (the one I keep promising to blog about!) by crocheting individual squares and then sewing them together.

    I’m left-handed so maybe mine would be twisty like yours too. I think it looks cool 🙂

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