Filofax collection!


In all the excitement to update my blog this morning, I forgot possibly THE most important post!

Before I get into it, but must just say ‘I do actually use them all!’  At some stage in my life anyway!

A picture of my Filofax collection!  I am mad to do this as Hubby reads my blog, but here goes!

Ok, so what do we have : –

A5 Red Domino – this is my Craft-o-fax

A5 Black Metropol – stores empty pages and important papers I need to hand!

Personal Kensington – my first Filofax bought for me by my Dad, will NEVER part with it!

Personal Slimline Guildford – stores empty pages

Personal Grape Domino – Daily desk diary for personal and work

Pocket Black Hamilton – stores empty pages

Pocket Black Chino – gets admired!

Pocket Fawn Chino – AVON-o-fax

Pocket Slate Urban – Daily carry round diary / purse

See they all do have a use!

I have been toying with getting a Mini but have now decided against it!

For the moment! LOL!


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