My previous post was all about the Pocket Chino that I won off Ebay, for the bargain price of £8, so this post is what am I using it for!

Well back in April I decided to start selling AVON, why, I am not sure, but I did, and so far I am enjoying it, although it can be a little tiring some times!

I have been trying many electronic methods of storing data and whilst they all work fine, I can’t carry them round with me when delivering, incase a customer asks me anything!

After pondering, the whole of 2 secs, I realised I needed a Filofax system, that I could tailor to my needs!

I haven’t taken any pictures yet, but I am using my Fawn Chino Pocket as my AVON-o-fax!

I had to buy some inserts, naturally :-

The setup (which will no doubt change as it evolves!) is :-

Tabs 1 – 6

Tab 1 – Month of two pages diary, to record order and delivery dates!

Tab 2 – Street details of the houses I have delivered to, if they returned their book, placed an order, etc

Tab 3 – Week on two pages diary, to record when I need to deliver orders, place orders, etc (no personal entries are in here, they are in my Daily Urban Pocket!)

Tab 4 – Delivery details of what campaign brochure I delivered, date out, date to be collected, house number I delivered to, if they returned, order, no order and notes!

Tab 5 – Lined paper for notes

Tab 6 – Calculator and finance sheets to record happenings in my Avon bank account!

Address Tabs as I eventually want to have each persons previous order details in this section along with all their contact details

Plastic top opening wallet, just to protect back pages!

I will also be using this when I deliver my orders as a wallet!

So far it seems to be working ok.  I must give a huge THANK YOU to Steve over at http://philofaxy.blogspot.com/ for help with the Word and Excel templates!

I shall update when I run with it for a few campaigns on how it is working for me!


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