Pocket Filofax layout change already


Yes that title is right, I have been using it a day and already I have changed something!

Steve over at http://philofaxy.blogspot.com/ had done some meal record sheets for the pocket which are just great.  So needless to say I had to print them out and test drive them for the coming week!

This mean’t the layout of my Filofax needed to change in order for it to work better!

It is now :-

Loyalty cards etc still in front credit card holder

Tab 1 : Meal Tracker from http://philofaxy.blogspot.com/ 1 weeks worth, and details on AVON houses I need to collect the catalogues from!

Tab 2 : Lined and unlined paper for general note scribbling!

Tab 3 : Finance

Tab 4 : To do lists

Tab 5 : Pink week on two pages diary for appointments

Tab 6 : Month on two pages and behind them white week on two pages for journaling or to remember important things!

A – Z for contacts

Map of the World

Plastic top opening envelope!

Shall see how this layout works for me this week.  I am still awaiting my zip lock plastic pocket from Filofax UK to arrive, which hopefully will be soon.

In the meantime I am seriously considering a ruler and post it notes accessories!


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  1. Oh god I’d better go and have a look. I have just got my filofax out having read your last few posts and thought it was silly that I had a diary, notebook, finance book all separate when I could have them all in my filofax.

  2. Oh you temptress! I thought I had lost the need for a filofax and was just going to get a better smart phone later in the year. But I REALLY wanta new filofax now.

  3. Didn’t your Urban come with a ruler? Mine came with a frosted one. How about the Chino, I’m sure it had a ruler…

    And you’ve really changed your layout, hahaha. But that’s how it is with Filos, one is always changing and trying new layouts until we find what works best for us. That’s where the beauty of the Filo lays…

    • Urban came with frosted ruler that I love and Chino came with a black ruler.

      Yeah changing them almost daily at the moment till I find what works!

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