Pocket Filofax’s


I recently decided that I would like to have a Pocket Filofax to use as my carry round purse / diary.

I did not realise the selection!  I already had the Hamilton, but as I said earlier it was very hard and did not have enough pockets!

So I narrowed it down to the Chino and the Urban :-

The Chino :-

Black Chino

Really like the front big pocket however I was a little disappointed to see that there was no big back wallet, like the Urban, which is ideal for keeping notes in!  But do still like it, but not my first choice!

Overall I think this is a lovely Filofax and I love the fabric it is made out of, but I just don’t think it will work for me!  So I am test driving the Urban for a while first!

Ahh isn’t it lovely?  I love the colour, the feel of it, the pockets, just everything!  Great outside pocket, perfect for holding coins!

Don’t you love this front layout?

Loving these colour tabs, such a refreshing difference from cream!

So enough of the pictures already, how am I using it?  Well here goes : –

Looks good doesn’t it?  Here are the details of what is actually in there :-

Front pockets hold my bank cards, drivers licence and credit card

Plastic credit card holder,with library card, garage card, etc in them

Plastic film

Tab 1 – Month on two pages, details of AVON houses I need to collect catalogues from!

Tab 2 – Plain and lined pages for notes, ideas, etc

Tab 3 – Finance pages, to monitor my shopping habits!

Tab 4 – To do list

Tab 5 – Diary for appointments

Tab 6 – Diary for journaling – gonna try any way!

Address labels!

Lets see how well this works for a while!


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  1. Great pictures, they never show the zip pocket on the back and that really is a plus point. I have a pocket Finsbury which is leather, but it doesn’t have the external pocket, it does have an internal zip pocket on the inside back cover though, where the Urban has the note pad…

    You have given me some ideas now!!

  2. This is looking good! I also prefer the Urban over the Chino, especially because of the full width wallet pocket.
    Is your diary for appointments also W2P or DPP?

    • Diary for appointments is Wo2P in my A5 Domino and DPP with todo and notes in Personal.

      Yes full width wallet pocket swayed it for me, although my use Chino for my AVON details!

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