Personal Domino in Grape


This was a Christmas (2009) present, as I had been using my Pocket Hamilton but was finding it a bit too small for my everyday life, as you can see from the pictures below :-

As you can see it is really bursting at the seems!

It took me a while to decide on the layout to use in the Domino, I had started with the Family Pack, but quickly realised that actually it just was not for me!  So I tried week on 2 pages with appt and again found not really as I needed a column for daily todo’s as well!

Thanks to Steve over at he found the perfect layout for me at the Filofax France website for Personal!  Page per day with to do and notes section!  Perfect!

How cool is this layout?  I find it perfect for my needs, EXCEPT Saturday and Sunday don’t have To Do sections!  The 2 days of the week that I probably have the longest To Do list and nothing, so I tend to write them on the right hand side of the day, as there are almost 2 columns where you can write appointments.

This now serves me perfectly for my daily life and permanently sits open on my desk and helps me through out they day, track what needs to be done and each evening I fill out the next days To Do list!

I really don’t have alot in the Filofax, as I don’t carry it around with me anymore, as to be honest I found it a little bit big, and as I am trying to reduce the weight of my handbag, rather impractical!  I needed smaller!  But that is to come!

So here is how my Domino is layed out :-

A few cards, nothing really important, and pictures of my Son, gotta have pictures like that to look at first thing in the morning to make the day start right!

My layout goes :

Plastic cover

Tab 1 – Diary behind – Page per day with Todo and Notes sections

Tab 2 – Lined paper for notes and ideas that may arise throughout the day!  So rather empty!  LOL!

Tab 3 – Telephone Numbers listing for close contacts that I may need on hand!

Plastic credit card holder – for business cards etc

Plastic top opening wallet

I use a mechanical pencil in this Filofax as appts etc can change so often and I HATE scribbling out!

So that in a nutshell is my Personal Domino in Grape.  One thing I will say, I love the colours both inside and out, however I am not sure with heavy day to day handbag use, the outside would remain very nice!

But overall all LOVE it and RECOMMEND it!


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  1. This one is primarily used as your daily calendar? I love those to do sheets with the notes section at the bottom. They are not available in the US, unfortunately. They would be perfect to use with the daily sheets.

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