Filofax update


I have recently been twittering alot about Filofax’s and what I am gonna use mine for etc.

I have been a Filofax user for well over 20yrs but not continuously!  Since the introduction of Smartphones a few years back, my Filofax took a bit of a back seat as I thought it great everything was on my phone.  Till one day my phone died!  Hmmm, now what?  So as much as Smartphones are awesome, I now use mine mainly for emails, Facebook and Twitter, although my contacts are all on there, I do have back up now!

I also prefer the ability to jot notes down, make diary entries easily, and at the end of the day, nothing beats pen and paper!

So onto my filofax’s, notice it is plural!

I am currently running 3!  Yes you read that right 3, with about 5 or 6 backups!  That is awful isn’t?  My you see my Filfoax uses and layout change almost yearly, and so I tend to rotate on a rather regular basis!

I currently own :

A5 Metropol Zip (bought when I was planning my Wedding in 2007 and was my life!)

A5 Domino in Red – currently being used as my craft filofax (separate post on that later!)

Personal Metropol Slimline – don’t really use this as find it too thin and does not hold enough!

Personal Domino in Grape – my current daily desk diary (separate post on that later!)

Pocket Hamilton in Black – find it too hard and not very flexible and not enough pockets etc!

Pocket Urban – only just received, but currently really liking the layout for purse / diary (separate post later on that!)

Pocket Chino in Fawn and Black – yes 2! Bought one and won one by mistake!  (again separate post later!)

So as you can see I do have quite a collection I have built up over the years, but I love them all, and the thought of parting with any really isn’t an option I bear to consider!  Although I may see if my brother or Mom want a Pocket!

Right off to blog about some of them individually as they really do deserve their own post!


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