A5 Domino in Red


This filofax was a total bargain!  I saw it a few months ago online at W H Smith, and when I ordered it they had run out of stock and could not fulfill my order.  A sign I thought, not meant to have it.  However I still kept checking and deep down still desired it!

Then one day browsing http://www.flickr.com/groups/40748476@N00/ I came across a lady who had used a Red A5 Domino as a patchwork binder!  Wowzers I thought, I just love that idea and suddenly my desire turned to WANT and I had to have one!

Luckily W H Smith were doing a half price sale on Filofax’s and I just could not pass it up!

If you have been following my blog, for a while you will realise I am a huge crafting person and I have so many WIP’s, projects I want to do, yarn, fabric, cross stitch etc, and nothing in one place, so this was my goal!

The A5 is definitely a work in progress and will take lots of tweaking but at the moment I am loving the layout and ideas that are evolving!

Ah doesn’t it look lovely?

How full is it already?  Now to give the explanations of what is in there!

Again lots of card slots and a picture of my son about 4 days after being born!

Week on 2 page layout with appointment times, LOVE this layout as I can see the entire week at once, which is a great help.  Although this is a craft-o-fax, I do still need a diary in it, so I can see what courses etc I may be attending!

Needs to be sorted section – so things like car insurance etc are put here!

Home section – so anything that is home related goes here!

Wants section

Finance – yearly budget, and all receipts for online purchases go in here till they arrive!

Addresses – however I am now going to type these out an a Word template, rather than use these!

Stash section – have pictures of fabric, some yarn and patterns in here

Crochet – current projects, tutorials for items I want to make, pictures of blankets I want to make!

Knitting – details on some yarn, details about current projects

Sewing – fabric pictures, patterns, etc here

Recipe section

Plastic top opening envelope with pictures of future quilt items I need to start

What I do like with this size filofax is that I can fit A5 plastic pockets in it.  Ok, I did have to buy a single hole punch in order to have them lined up but it works and I can use the punch on all my filofax’s, which is great!

At the moment I am loving the A5, but like I say, it is a work in progress and no doubt things will keep changing over time!


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