Longleat – 1st – 5th June


The first week of June, we decided to head off to Longleat for a 4 night break, just to get away from the stresses and strains of the last few months!  It was lovely to have a break, and Luke seemed to thoroughly enjoy it!

Sorry this is going to be picture heavy, so here goes :-

First stop was Stonehenge, and I have to say I am still struggling to understand the fascination with a bunch of rocks!

Here we have Luke running round Stonehenge, which is far more fun to him!

We stayed in a wonderful cottage called St James court http://www.wiltscottages.co.uk/ it was so nicely decorated and served us really well!

The first day we spent going round Bath and seeing what it had to offer as it was my first time to the area and it was lovely, although I did find the housing a bit cramped!

Can’t believe these are all flats!

Bath Cathedral

Self explanatory really!

Luke having lunch at Jamie Oliver’s restaurant!

Longleat house – was interested to know that the family do still live in this house, even though certain parts are open to the public!  Thank you to them for sharing!

Luke copying Postman Pat!

Best way to cool down in the heat, with a scrummy ice cream, and he certainly enjoyed it!

Meeting Big and Small off Cbeebies!

Exhausted after a long, busy, fun filled day!

I really enjoyed Longleat, whilst see the animals was certainly nothing like I had experienced in Africa, I found it refreshing to find somewhere, that I could take Luke and he could see the animals in a semi-normal environment!  Of course the ultimate would be safari in Africa, but that shall be kept till he is old and not only can appreciate it, but also remember it!


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