Finally a Luke update


So Luke is now 2yrs 2months and 1 day old!  My goodness, amazing to think he is growing so fast!

I don’t think I did blog about this, but we changed Luke’s nursery at the end of May.  The one he had been attending since he was 5mths old was just not cutting it anymore and we had a few disagreements, and I was no longer comfortable with them looking after my son, so we moved him.  He now attends a small, private, family nursery, just 5mins from the house, and he loves it!  We have up’d his mornings to 4 a week, as he gets bored being home, and Friday’s are a Mummy and Luke day, where we do swimming or visit my parents.

But the new nursery is just awesome!  The first week or so was tough as he was pretty upset going, but then something must of clicked, because he soon, started telling me to go and he as happy as Larry!

He has come on so much with this nursery, as well, now being able to count upto 9, sing the alphabet song (not perfect but you know what he means), and recognizing colours!

So best decision we made so far!

For Luke’s birthday he got a little three wheeler bicycle with a handle on the back for us to push him.  Well that never lasted long, because within the month he is riding it himself and loving it!  Here are a few pictures of him doing just that!

Am loving the fact that he insists on wearing his helmet when riding his bike, teaching him well!


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