My birthday!


As you may or may not be aware, my son was born the day before my birthday!  And whilst everyone keeps saying how wonderful that is, in reality it really isn’t!  My birthday now seems to fade into the background, with all the attention on Luke, which is fine, but I no longer seem to have a special day!  Oh dear, get out the violins! LOL!

However saying that I did still have a good day!  Luke was in nursery in the morning, and in the afternoon my good friend, Cheryl popped round with this :

The most scrummy homemade cupcakes, totally delicious and the most adorable decorations, and also :

The most adorable card and tissue holder, filled with Cath Kidston tissues!

She also gave Luke and I a tomato plant and a strawberry plant and I am glad to report they are both still going strong!

I got my netbook for my birthday this year from everyone else, which I am thrilled with, and Si took me for a lovely meal to a place called Spice in Woodbridge.  I was to get out and have a meal just the two of us!

So over all I had a good day as well!


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