Once again time has flown by and I have not updated.  When will I ever get into a routine of blogging each Sunday or something!  Maybe that will be my goal for June!

The title says Avon and I guess you are wondering,  strange title!  Well I have become an Avon Rep.  It happened by accident really.  The Sales Leader popped round for a chat one afternoon and left having signed me up and 40 catalogues to deliver.  To say I was skeptical was an under statement.  Can this really work, do the public really order these kinds of products from the comfort of their armchair?

Well obviously they do!

I have found it a tremendous challenge fitting it in with my work, nursery, life schedule, but it actually seems to be working!

I tend to drop Luke off at nursery at 750am get back home, deliver or collect catalogues till 830 / 845 then start working.  Or I collect or deliver at about 12pm and then go and get Luke.

With Luke changing nursery on the 24th this is going to become a bit easier, as he will now be in from 745am to 1pm, giving my enough time to collect or deliver during my lunch break, before having to collect him.

But I am loving it!!!!!  Getting out for those 15/30mins in the morning, before I start work, just clears my head and sets me up for the day.  The paperwork side is great and not really alot too it, but the rewards are actually ok.

I am now onto my second campaign and am hoping it long continues.  I said I would try 4 campaigns and make a decision after that, but I think the decision has already been made, I will stick with it, for as long as can, because I really am enjoying it!


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