Dressmaking course update!


Well after much deliberating, I have decided I can’t do the course!  Things are a little manic for me right now, and if Simon needs to go away for work, it just is not right on Luke or Grandma, to expect him to be put to bed without either of us.

As nuts as that sounds, I do like my son to be put to bed, if not by both, but at least one of his parents, at the moment anyway!  I realise that will change over time and as he gets older!

Other factors also influenced my decision : –

1. Cost – not of the course, but of all the materials to do the course as well!!!!

2. Commitment to 10weeks – whilst it does not sound a long time, things change so quickly week on week, I feel I could be missing more than I attend!

I am sad, but I figured I will continue down the dressmaking path, with a good book, a great website I have found, some wonderful friends and an awesome Mom and I will get there, and maybe later when Luke is older, life has settled down a bit and I feel I can commit, I will do it!  But for now it is on the back burner!


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