Since being hit with the sewing bug again, I have been seriously thinking about attending a dressmaking course!

At first childcare was an issue, but now that is sorted, I am hoping to enrol on a course, starting in April for 10 weeks in the evening.

So I have been pattern hunting and so far have acquired the following 2 patterns :-

I love this design, but it is made from knit fabric, and I have never sewn knit fabric before, so this is being put on hold till my skills are improved, but at least I have it!

I thought this would be a good easy one to start with………till I read the instructions, hmmmm!  But I will give it a go!  I have bought the following fabric for it :-

It is 100% cotton and is really soft and falls nicely, so I am hoping it will work well with this pattern and I can wear it with jeans!

So why do I want to learn to sew?  Well I can sew, so really I am not learning that, I used to make some clothes when I lived in Africa, but I have realised there are tops and trousers I want and I just can’t find.  Also off the shelf clothing, honestly does not fit me well, and I just thought if I learnt properly, I can then have clothes that fit properly, that will make me feel happier, and also I would be able to alter the shop bought clothes, rather than having to just make do!

So watch this space and maybe overtime it will be garments that will also be added to my blog!

Where do I find the time?????????????


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  1. Oh – I’m envious of you doing a course! It is all about finding the time though – you’re so right. Those tops will look so cool with jeans – pattern envelopes are becoming really popular again but all that tissue paper is quite a shock! Chanting ‘one step at a time’ helps a bit LOL. Let us know how you get on! Jen x

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