Christmas in March!


2009 I bought some great Christmas fabric to make various things for DS.  Anyway like most things it all got put in the cupboard, because life took over!

Well this last week, I had a very good friend of mine visit and I decided to crack on and get the things finished!  So here is what I have achieved this week :-

Santa’s sack and tag for Luke’s present’s the little ones anyway!  Don’t really like how it came out, if I had to do it again, I would not put wadding on the back panel, but I did so that if he gets things with sharp corners they don’t tear the material!

Christmas Day place mats.  I was hoping to quilt them all, but really what for???  So the red borders are quilted only on each.  Should really of taken a close up picture!

My sewing corner at the bottom of my kitchen.  It is such a great position as I have patio doors behind me that I can open and DS can run in and out as he pleases while I sew away!  Perfect!  And does not really take up too much of our kitchen, bearing in mind we do still have a  6 seater dining table in there as well!  Love my kitchen!

Luke’s advent calendar!  This was finished a while ago but realised I had not stitched the corners, so did that!

I have thoroughly enjoyed making all of these and hoping they are well used this Christmas!


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