Feb update!


I really need to think of more interesting post titles, mine seem awfully boring!  Hmmmmmm.

So I am not going to go into what Feb has been like, and instead I am going to post pictures and give descriptions!  So here goes, what happened in Feb!

I finished my Simple Yet Effective Shawl.  It was made from Trekking XXL and I did about 1.5 repeats of the pattern.  It currently measures 96cms wide unblocked!  Will hopefully be blocked this coming week!

My ripple blanket is coming on well.  I have not spent as much time as I had hoped on it, but still progress is going well.  I am hoping that you can see just how the colour sequence is going to be going?  It is going to large, but hopefully cuddly!  So still loving the ripple!

This was going to be a granny square blanket with different size squares, etc, however I realised that if I did that it will never get finished!  So instead I have decided to do something different and join the 2 large and 8 small, another set, similar to above still needs to be joint!  And then I am going to work rows, large squares, small squares and more rows and hopefully it makes a lovely blanket!  I realise it may all be sounding a bit strange, but all I can say is what this space!

I really must take a better picture, however here are the squares so far my Summer Blanket!  Again it is going to be a mix of big and small squares.  The yarn is Anchor Magicline and is a dream to crochet with.  I have 55balls to make up, so another LONG term project!

I took part in a Valentines Swap on the Phoenix Knitting Forum.  It was a wonderful little swap that did not take much time, but loads of fun!  Above is the picture of what I sent, and this is what I received

Cross stitch update.  This is not really coming on a quickly as I had wished, however I am still enjoying working on it when I get the chance!  It will take a while, but hey ho!


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