A bit more crafting!


Finally I seem to be getting into a good crafting routine, being able to do some most evenings!  January saw me :-

progress well on my Simple Yet Effective Shawl!  I am almost finished, got about a quarter of a ball left to use and I am done!  But there are loads of stitches now and so taking ages to knit, but still I am enjoying it!


Thanks to a good friend, who introduced me to Anchor Magicline at the bargain price of 59p / ball, yes you have just read that right, 59p per ball!!!  So I bought enough to make myself summer picnic blanket, made up of squares, which can be worked on anywhere!  Love it!  Here are is the stash and squares so far!


Next project I am working on is a Ripple Blanket.  Again it is so easy and loving it!  The repetitiveness of it so is mind numbing but certainly not boring!  Here is my progress so far :-

After nearly 2 years of not being able to cross stitch, I have finally picked up a kit and a needle again, and my cross stitch project for 2010 is this :-

 I saw this and just fell in love with it!  My progress so far is this :-

  It isn’t alot I know but for me quite an achievement with 20mth old toddler in tow!

So things are going well on the crafting front, the only craft I have not been able to touch is my quilt!

Roll on February and hopefully a productive month!

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  1. I love the ripple blanket, the colours are amazing. I wondered what I could use that yarn for, I saw it on the Kemps website and I think you have inspired me to get some and have a go at crochet!

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