Wow it almost seems to 80’s / 90’s to say Filofax!  Yes I still use one!  I had a few years where the PDA, mobile and eventually my Blackberry took over, and then one fine night whilst playing on my BB I accidentally deleted my entire calendar!  Talk about a lightbulb moment. 

Filofax never fails, doesn’t need to be rebooted, can’t be deleted by the accidental press of a button, so I decided on getting back on the Filofax wagon!

My shock really was how many I have, but I won’t go into that!  I was using a pocket one, but life has expanded so much that it really was bursting, pictures below :-

      So I decided for Christmas that I needed a new one, and settled on the Domino in Grape, to match my bag, with the family organiser pack.  Have to say I am in love!!!!  I just love having my Filofax to write in and it has now become my bible, with all my details, projects, etc etc in!  And here it is :-


I can now monitor my entire family and where they need to be and when, which is just wonderful!  So here is to a great 2010 with my filofax!


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  1. Whoa, there! Is the second to last photo manipulated? Or do you really have filofax rings without the cover and where did you get them? Did you cut up an old broken filo?

    • I do have a set of Filofax rings without the cover, it was something my Dad bought me many, many years ago when I still lived in Africa! I have no idea where he got it from, but I love them for storage!

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