Craft update to the end of 2009


Ok, so December seemed to have passed me by!  Not sure how that happened, and without a single post!

What happenend in December?  Well we closed the office for 2 weeks over the festive season which gave us all a break, which was just lovely!

I managed to do some crafting, so let me update on that!

Attic24 inspired crochet bag, was finally finished, and whilst I never lined it, it seems to working well as a wool holding bag for my ripple blanket project!  Pictures of it are below :-


Next I made some Christmas decorations for our tree.  Nothing spectacular but something different!  Really easy pattern, based on a granny square, they did not turn out too badly actually :-

    They were made in both red and white, out of Stylecraft Special DK yarn.

Having been a role of getting things sorted, I finally managed to finish the Mystery CAL to at least hang it, although it still does need work, it at least gave a festive feel to my kitchen!

Next I finally finished my toasty snood, and whilst I still don’t have any pictures of me wearing it, here it is at least finished!  Actually I haven’t even taken a picture of it finished, so better get that sorted soon!

Next, I decided to finally start the Ripple blanket.  I realise that this project will probably take till then end of 2010 to finish, but I am enjoying it none the less!

 Selection of colours for the blanket!  Progress so far :-

The finally project I have started is Simple Yet Effective Shawl.  I wanted something that was easy to knit, I could pick up and put down without worrying about loosing my place and this seemed the perfect one to start with!  Here are my pictures of progress so far :-


I think that is now all my crafting updated, the next post will be a bit more general!

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