Christmas 2009!


Christmas this year was spent with my family in Peterborough and it was just lovely!  However I will start the update from the Thursday before Christmas!

That Thurs we had the most awful snow storms in Suffolk.  I was home alone with Luke as Simon was out on his works Xmas do.  Friday morning I woke to inches of snow, it was really thick and when I took Luke out in it it was up to his knees, so he was not liking it!  Friday my brother drove down from P’boro to spend the weekend so we could get him a Christmas present.  Luckily my brother drives a 4 x 4 and whilst some of the journey was not good, he made it fine to us.  Simon came home Friday night and whilst he made it ok, the roads were still really bad!

Saturday morning and all I can say is thank goodness we had Gavin’s car!  We managed to get everything done we wanted and had no problems with travel.  Here are some pictures he took whilst he was here :-

 Front of our house!

     Luke finally confident to walk and play in the snow, and just loved it!

  Scenes from the countryside where no one else could drive!

So that was my weekend with my brother, he went home on the Sunday.  Monday – Thurs was a normal week, with Luke going to nursery as normal, and Si and I getting all our chores done before Xmas!  The weather was still not great and our road became link an ice rink with the ice!  

Thursday (Christmas Eve) Luke went to nursery in the morning, so Si and I could pack and get ready.  We collected him at nursery and drove straight up to P’boro.  The roads were pretty busy and we did hit traffic, but nothing worse than normal.

Christmas was lovely, we stay with Mom and Dad till the 27th when we came back.  So my family had 3 days with Luke and he was really good, slept well and generally just got on with life.  He loved opening his presents and what I was really happy about was that he played with every toy he opened before moving onto the next!  The other thing was he wasn’t spoilt and for that I am grateful!  Mom and Gavin cooked Christmas lunch and it certainly was a feast!  The did out do themselves!

The 3 days with family was spent mainly indoors as the weather was so awful, however on Boxing Day we travelled to Biggleswade to see my extended family and for them to meet Luke!  We had a lovely couple of hours with everyone and once again Luke was so good!

So we travelled home on the 27th and we then had Si’s praents round on the 28th and I cooked them Xmas dinner!

Overall I loved our festive season this year and I think 2010 will be even better!


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