Bit of quilting!


First weekend of November I attended a hand quilting course.  Whilst the knowledge I gained was awesome, I was a little disappointed in that the shop that held it never stocked any quilting hoops, even after checking before the course that they did, and being told YES!  So I was a bit frustrated, as I could not practice with a hoop during the course, and had to wait for my mine to arrive, which I ordered when I got home!

So here is my new quilting hoop : –

P1030320 P1030321

I have posted both pictures, because whilst it looks like a normal embroidery hoop, the thickness is actually deeper in order to cope with the thickness of the quilt!

So I have done a bit of hand quilting, without the hoop, after all that I might add!  It is very subtle, but here it is :-

P1030322 P1030324

I decided to do this quilting with an invisible thread, as there are just so many colours I need to go across, and thought with the invisible it would look better!  It is very subtle, but that is almost the effect I wanted, so I am happy!


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