such a little word, with such alot of meaning!  Life over the last month or 6 weeks since my last post has been manic, calm, fraught, peaceful, stressful, in control, fun, tiring, enjoyable, and generally all over the place!

Thank goodness the summer holidays are over and we are now back in a proper weekly routine of nursery, swimming, work, singing, fitness and crafting!

The one part of my life that seems to be more up and down than any other is my weight-loss and exercise side!  I have been doing Bootcamp now for a while and I love it.  I had gotten into a really good routine of walking / jogging 2 – 3 times a week, attending buggyfit on Fridays and Bootcamp on Sat, my exercise routine was sorted!  Then………….I caught a mild chest infection, not bad enough to have me on medication, but bad enough to make me feel pretty rough and run down, and the exercise and weightloss routine has now gone!

Not great, especially as I have a 2.5kms fun run to do on Sunday 11th Oct and I have spent the last week on my backside!  I am hoping, to try and get out tonight and get this routine back on track, but once again I need to see how I am feeling!  Or maybe I need to just put the excuses aside and do it!!!!!!


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