New best friend………….


I think I have found my new best friend, and it is exercise!!!!

August so far has been amazing for me!  I have now lost 7.5lbs on Rosemary Conley, losing 4.5lbs in Wk1, 3.5lbs in Wk2 and having a gain of 0.5lbs in Wk3.  I am thrilled.  My personal goal is to lose 1lb a week, anything more is  a bonus.

My schedule has gotten really hectic in August for exercise, but I am loving it.  It looks like this :-

Mon – Rosemary Conley exercise class

Tues – Couch to 5k program

Wed – Rosemary Conley weigh in and exercise class

Thurs – Couch to 5k program

Fri – Buggyfit

Sat – Bootcamp – yes you have read that right!

Sun – Couch to 5k program.


Couch to 5k is a running program that says it can get you from being a couch potato to running 5k in 9weeks.  As I have always wanted to run, I thought why not?  Running is meant to be the best calorie burner out there.  It is free, I don’t need to attend gym and I can do my program either in the afternoon, pushing the buggy or at night.  Perfect.  I have just completed Wk1 and so far so good, roll on Wk2.

Bootcamp is a 1hr exercise class I do on a Saturday morning, down on Felixstowe beach.  It is military training, with loads of running, beach work, ab work, stair work, strength work, oh heck just everything!  I get there all fired up, I start and I think OMG, what am I doing!!!! I finish it and I am just so proud of myself!

I realise that the exercise may affect my weightloss but then I figure I would rather be fit and healthy and not get hung up on what the scale says!

So keep watching this space, as who knows where it is going!


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