Who has it and who doesn’t?

I have always thought I don’t!  Willpower and me have never been friends!  So after my weigh in on Wednesday, as my reward for losing weight I thought right off to get a Chinese on the way home!  Bonus!  Well I drove past the Chinese takeaway and carried on driving.  Drove past the Fish and Chip shop and again NEVER stopped!  Got home, without any takeaway! 

My thoughts were what is the point of losing weight to then reward yourself with food!  Kidda defeats the object really!

Friday, and again willpower was waivering!  Luke was asleep in his car seat, so I needed to drive around a bit so he slept more.  Bonus lets go to McDonald’s and grab some food!  Drove there, was in the parking lot and thought, this is nuts, grabbed some chewing gum from my bag and drove out!  No McDonald’s!

Friday night and I am out for dinner with my friends.  Had main course and pudding, BUT I did actually leave food on my plate for both courses!  Something I never normally do!

So it seems Willpower and me are now friends and the bond is getting stronger!  I really do feel this weightloss journey this time, I will succeed!

Right off to grab some soup!


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