July – Hopton


Wow, July already! I am just back from a week in Great Yarmouth, well Hopton to be exact!  We decided to rent a caravan for the week and take Luke to the seaside, etc etc.  It was lovely to just get away and have a bit of a break!

My family came and visited on the Saturday after we arrived and we took them into Great Yarmouth to have a look around.  They seemed to have had a good time.

We spent a fair bit of time looking around, and whilst Luke seemed to enjoy most of it, there were some things he didn’t!  We went to the Sealife Centre, the miniature village, Pettis Petting Farm, and couple of other places.

Luckily the weather was very kind to us and it seemed to rain at night or late afternoon, which was great!  Here are some pictures of our holiday!

P1030008 Great Yarmouth beach

P1030025     Miniature Village

P1030044 Luke enjoying the beach!

P1030062 Our caravan!

P1030006 Luke enjoying the swings!


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