Well I am a serial dieter and nothing ever seems to work! So to say I get frustrated, upset and demotivated are understatements!

I desperately need and want to lose weight, but for some reason, obviously not enough, because I never do anything about it, to get any success. Well now I have hit the I really need to do something stage and just don’t know what????

My first thought is post on my blog my weight and goals and that is bound to spur me on, but I am not sure!

So anyone got any suggestions???? I can’t really attend a slimming class, due to little’un in tow, so please do send suggestions my way!

Strange post I know but just thought I would put down my thoughts!


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  1. Hi, Sound like you need to change your lifestyle more than go on a diet. I think using your blog would help you a lot. I’m sure a lot of us will cheer you up…
    Go for it !

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