Luke is now 1!


Can’t believe my little boy is now 1 and has gone from this :- IMG_0781

to this :-


Luke turned 1 on May 19th and we had a lovely day taking him to Africa Alive in Kessingland.  I still think he is a little young to appreciate it, but he liked being outdoors and spending time with Mummy and Daddy and that is the most important!

I love his cake and here it is :- P1020766

Here are some random shots of Luke over the last few weeks, hope you enjoy!

DSCN0121 Trying to encourage Luke to play in the garden!IMG_1136

Lukes first trip to Nandos! P1020640

New Shoes ! P1020643

First walk on Felixstowe beach P1020661

First braai 10th May '09 (3)

Finally a lovely picture of Mummy and Luke! IMG_1141

Looking back I just can’t believe how much Luke has developed over the last 6 weeks and is still developing!  Since taking these pictures he can now stand up on his own and start walking and is almost running! 

Motherhood is wonderful and I love it, even more so as my little boy is an angel!


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