Craft Update


Not sure I have lots to update on, as I have been trying to learn socks!  They must be my nemesis, as I am struggling, but I will not give up!  So I am currently doing cuff down, using Silver Sock lesson, so I sit each night with a ring binder with her instructions trying to work through it, and I am also trying toe up, again with folder in tow!

So far, I must have frogged each about 5 times, but I am determined to not give up!  It has to be goal for 2009, to knit socks!

I have been working on Glace by Rowan, that is lovely to knit and coming on quite well!

galce-180409-1  Progress so far, sorry picture is on the side!

Flora, have not managed much more crochet, but so far this is what it is looking like :-


Not sure I have anything else to update on!  Hopefully next time I will part of a sock!


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