Luke Update


Well my little boy is now 9mths old and I am not sure where time has gone.  He has two bottom teeth, is crawling all over the place, claps his hands when asked and eating us out of house and home!

He had his first hair cut on the 19th.  He loved it as well, which was good, as it made it easier for us! p1020417 p1020411

We also finally got him his first pair of shoes, they are for crawling, but I am not sure he is too used to them yet!  But at least they do stay on, which is great! 14th-feb-09-1 

Finally we had a family day on Friday at Colchester Zoo.  It was great, rather busy with it being half term but had a great time! p1020438

Luke is now at nursery for 3 mornings a week, which is great, as it means I can totally focus on work whilst he is there, then we do swimming on a Tuesday and singing on a Friday, so he is still a very busy little boy!

Not much else to write about I am afraid, so till next time, cheerio!


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  1. He is a lovely little boy,my boys are grown up now but they were Luke’s age when they had there hair cut and they loved it as well.

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