Feb 1st already!


Wow, can you believe we are already at the start of Feb!?!?!?

This post is not going to have any pictures, as I have not downloaded any still, and I needed to write rather post piccies!  So my update :-

Well as I am typing this it is blowing blizzards outside, and the snow has arrived in Suffolk!  Great, not looking forward to another week of having to go out in this weather!

Luke update – Luke seems to be doing well at the moment.  He has cut his first tooth and that caused a few bad nights, but he is good now.  I have finally taken the plunge and started cooking him food!  I know it sounds mad, but I just never felt comfortable cooking food and always thought the jars gave him everything.  But after trying it and realising it is just so easy and he loves it, there is now no stopping me!  He is getting loads of different blends and seems to love it all!  He starts another morning at nursery from Feb 18th, which will be great.  Means I get 3 full mornings to focus on work, 1 day to do his activities, 1 day to do my activities and afternoons to dabble in work if I am needed!  So looking forward to the new routine/schedule!

Craft update – I have been trying to teach myself crochet.  I need to crack it this year, as it is just nuts that I can’t do it!  So far, I seem to have mastered Double Crochet (UK) which is great.  Once I get the end of my test ball of yarn and start a new colour I will start a new stitch!  I have not really done much work on the afghan.   With Luke now crawling it is not the most practical peice to be working on when I need to get up and down all the time!  So I have been working on some smaller projects, which seem easier, quicker and going better!  Knitting, hmmmm, still there, not done any, really must get it sorted and finish Luke’s jumper!

Reading – I am almost finished the book I am currently reading, Flying Changes by Sara Gruen.  It is just fantastic and really enjoying it!

Facebook – if anyone reading this has me as a friend on Facebook, please come over and say hello.  I did go through and clear up my friends, and as awful as that sounds, I got so many who never even said hello, so I deleted them!  Now I am alot more cautious when accepting invites!

Weightloss – I am now 6lbs down from Jan 8th which is great.  Taking it slow and not being too hard on myself, but am well chuffed with that result so far!

Feb looks a busy month for me, which is just great!

So I am going to continue doing some cross stitch now, while the little man takes his nap!

Till next time………………….


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