So much for………….


updating my blog each Sunday night with the previous weeks happenings! 

I have finally finished the first square of the Afghan jan-10th-09-1 and I am actually rather pleased with the result!  So the 2nd second square, which is the letter A has been started jan-17th-09  I have done a bit more since this picture was taken but not alot!

I have decided that in 2009 each family member will get at least one homemade gift for each birthday, Christmas, fathers day, mothers day or grandparents day!  So I am also working on that at the moment, just a few small items!

So why did I not update last Sunday?  Well simply put, Luke was poorly again.  Much worse than ever before and was ill after his meals and was really struggling to keep anything down.  This week was tough!  He could not go to any groups and so he stayed home with me whilst I monitored him and did my best to get him better!  We are now Saturday and fingers crossed we are over the worse!  He has not been ill since Thursday lunchtime, which is just great!

Other big news, today he crawled, and not backwards either!  Yes my son is forward mobile!  It is so exciting!

Today – Saturday- we took Luke to Snape Maltings for a few hours, just let him get some fresh air, that did not involve shops.  It was lovely to just be out spending time as a family!

Not alot has really been going on, so this won’t be a long post!

Hope all my blog followers are well?


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