First post of 2009!


We are already 4 days into 2009, and so far so good!  Have not really done too much to say otherwise, to be honest!  I have not been out much, just staying at home and sorting things round the house and getting some cross stitch done, as well as other things!

I finally managed to go through all my old recipe magazines and pull out what I want and throw away what I don’t, which felt great, as I have been meaning to do it for years!  Yes years, some magazines were dated 2005!  Next to get sorted were the Xmas decorations!  They came down today for another year and the cards all put away, so at least the house is back to normal now!

We took Luke to get weighed on Friday and he is now 20lbs 5ozs, so growing well!

I have done a little bit of knitting but nothing worth photographing and posting to be honest!  One of these days I will actually finish Luke’s jumper! 

The afghan is coming on well :-  jan-01-09-11 This was taken on the 1st Jan ’09 and this was taken on the 3rd :- jan-3rd-091 So at least progress is being made, all be it slowly!

Today I got do some stitching on The Watering Hole, not alot, but I am taking this wonderful attitude that some progress is better than no progress!

dec-28th-08-1 This was at the start of today, and here is what I did today jan-4th-09

Thank goodness is the start of the week and life can get back to normality!  So I have a week full of Luke’s activities, and I am actually looking forward to some of them!

Better go, so thanks for reading!


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