Wow, has it really been a month


since my last post?  Did not realise it had been that long!  So where have I been and what have I been doing? 

December has not been a good month for us.  Both Si and myself had colds and poor Luke has been the worst out of all of us.  It started with just a runny noise and then got worse and worse.  Finally went to his chest and so he was on antibiotics for a week.  He did get slightly better, but we had awful nights as he could not sleep lying down and was coughing during the night etc.  He got over that and then got a mild tummy bug and was suffering with diahorrea and vomiting.  Thank goodness he seems on the mend now which is great, as I really wanted him well for Christmas  Yippee!!!!

So we never did many groups in Dec with Luke being poorly I did not think it fair to take him out in the cold etc, so swimming mainly was put on hold.  Hopefully we are back to normal in the new year!

I have been up to things, but will post them under separate posts, mainly crafting and trying to get a Christmas present done!

Quick update on Luke and his current progress.  Well I had him weighed in Dec and he was 19lbs 8ozs, which is great, he is doing so well with developing.  He stands so much now, more than sitting, which is great, but thank goodness we have a walker as I am not sure I could hold him all the time he wants to stand!  As for crawling, we are on all fours, rocking with our bum in the air and every so often he actually manages to straighten his legs, so I don’t think we are far off!  Can’t believe he is now 7mths!

The one event we did have in December was Luke’s nursery Christmas party.  That was really sweet and Luke seemed to enjoy it.  He was not at all phased by Father Christmas!  (apologies about the dummy!) 17th-dec-08


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