Craft update


I have done a bit of crafting, not alot but here is my update :-

Luke’s jumper, I have not really worked on it for a while, with trying to get the Xmas present stitched, but here is where it is upto :- lukes-jumper-24th-dec-08

I have finally started The Watering Hole, cross stitch kit.  It took me a while to prepare the fabric and is going to take ages to stitch but am going to take it slow and just see how it goes!  Here are the piccies :- dec-22nd-08 The fabric before I started to stitch!  Have since changed the frame I am using and here it is so far :


I have also been preparing the fabric for Luke’s afghan.  It is taking ages and I am probably doing alot more than I should but I think as it will be used for years to come, rather spend the time now getting it prepared correctly so it will last! dec-24th-08 Preparation of each square!  Here is the entire afghan, but have done a bit more now! dec-24th-08-1

I have about 3 columns left to do and then I need to tack some Stitch ‘n Tear behind each square I am going to use and only then will it be ready!  There probably is an easier way to do it, but I could not find any hints, tips or advice on how to do it, so using my own initiative!  I am looking forward to starting to stitch it, but I think that may be a few days off yet!

So yes a bit of crafting has been done, but I could do with having done a bit more!  2009 projects, will be the afghan and the watering hole, and I am hoping to be able to stitch some cards and knit some presents, but I will start in Jan instead of deciding in Nov/Dec!  So watch this space for updates!


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  1. Just happened to stumble across your journal Shazza – was interested to see you were born in Zambia and you now live in Ipswich! I spent 3 years living and working in Zambia and I have a dear cousin living in Ipswich. Just seemed a coincidence.
    Love your knitting – the colour will look beautiful on your little Luke.
    Kind regards

  2. Wow you have been a busy bee and your gonna be busy me thinks lol.

    Glad to hear you had a great Christmas and hope you have a great 2009.

    Hugs xxxx

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