Woodland Leisure Lodge


Simon and I booked to take Luke on our first family holiday!  So from Mon 1st – Fri 5th we stayed at this lodge :-

It was absoluetly lovely!  It slept 6 people, so was rather roomy for just the 3 of us!  Based in Trimingham near Cromer, it was very secluded in woodlands and was just lovely!

The weather was not great, it rained a few days, but that was fine, as we went there to chill out, not to rush around trying to see loads!  So I managed to do a fair bit of my cross stitch, did some reading and knitting as well, and just spent time as a family!  Bliss!


Luke had his first swim!  He was not too sure about it, but he never screamed even when Si dunked him under the water!  We took him twice and I am sure over time he will get better, but he seemed to enjoy himself this time!  Roll on the swimming lessons!




My family drove down on the Thurs to spend the day with us, which was lovely, although it did rain all day, which was not great!

Overall it was lovely to just get away!


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