Luke update


Well Luke is now 11weeks old and growing at a wonderful rate!  He was 13lbs 12ozs at last weigh in 2 wks ago!  He is now into 3-6mth clothes and size 3 nappies, so he is doing well.  Actually he grew out of size 2 nappies so fast we never got to finish all the ones we had bought!

Milestones, he can almost roll over now.  He at least gets on his side and rocks there!  He is yet to hold his head up when you put him on his tummy but he certainly holds it up at all other times!

He now sleeps in his own room, and has taken to that transition really well.  We have put his pram cot inside his big cot at the moment, just to get him used to the room, and hopefully this week I can put him in his actual cot!  He also now gets bathed in the big bath, having outgrown his baby bath already!  Again he loves it, just splashes loads and giggles and smiles.  He really is a water baby and has no problem with it at all!

His first set of jabs went well, and he hardly flinched.  He made a bit of a noise but just fell back to sleep after giving me a huge grin!

Time certainly goes fast with a baby, and he grows so quickly, but I don’t see it with being with him every day, but everyone else keeps telling me!

We have about 7wks till he starts nursery, and that will be so good for him.  Just to be looked after by someone else and interact with other children.  Sept really kicks off all the baby groups, nursery, yoga etc and I am looking forward to it, although it may be a little tiring, it will be great!


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