Has it really been


almost 3 weeks since my last post!?!?!?!?! 

Wow we are now into August already.  Where is 2008 going?  So what have I been upto since my last post………….

27th July, I went to an open day at Natural Dye Studio.  We had lovely weather in Suffolk that weekend and so we got to sit under the big willow tree and knit and talk.  My idea of heaven.  Luke was home with Daddy having some quality time!

28th July, Si took the day off work and we headed to Banham Zoo for a family day out.  It was lovely.  A bit hot but just great to be out as a family, showing Luke all the animals.   Although in fairness he did sleep most of the time he was there!

31st July, I decided to take Luke to Peterborough to spend the day with my family, as they had not seen him for a few weeks.  It was so nice to be up there with them.  I do miss not living so close to them anymore!  Came home and I went to knitting group in the evening, still working on my Mobius Wrap.

1st Aug and Si did his first Daddy Yoga with Luke and loved it!  They both seemed to enjoy it, and Si came home and promptly held my son by his ankles upside down to show me what they had been doing!  I am so proud of both of them, but especially Si, he really is settling into fatherhood well.  Although he may not be as organised or routined as me, he does a great job and Luke loves his daddy time!   So whilst Si was there I managed to :- take all papers to recycle bin, post back some clothes, go to Felixstowe to buy a pattern book, buy some groceries from Tesco, bake a cake and make a chicken dish for our picnic!  All within 2hrs, very proud of myself!  I then did some cross stitch in the afternoon.

2nd Aug and the local knitting group I attend decided to have a picnic in our local park, great idea!  Except as we were ready to leave the heavens started to open.  We managed to just get under a tree and it poured it down, so Si and I sat under the tree under an umbrella feeding Luke!  Once that was done we managed to make it to the bandstand and had a lovely afternoon!

I also mananged to finish my mobius wrap but will post pictures etc on another thread as still need to take some!

August for us is busy, but lovely!  We are off to see Romeo and Juliet in our local forest on Friday night.  My brother is coming down to stay and my in-laws are looking after Luke, so it should be great.  So Gavin is here for the weekend, so we need to find some other stuff to do, but that won’t be hard!

The rest of August we have something on each weekend, so will post as and when the events happen rather than telling you about it in advance!  I may even get to post some pictures!


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