3wks + 6days!


Wow, can’t quite believe that Luke is 4weeks old tomorrow, how time is flying by!  So how have the last 4 weeks been?

Well we are settling into parenthood really well, and Luke is generally a very good baby.  We have our grizzly times in the evening but that is expected and we are getting used to dealing with them now!

He was weighed on Friday and is now 10lbs 12ozs, so he is growing well!

Parenthood is a wonderful job!  Yes it can be stressful at times, but so worth it, as he is just so precious!

I have still not tried to drive yet, and am hoping to give it a go this week.  I have managed to start lifting stuff which is great, as it means I am slowing being able to do more and more round the house!

Luke sleeps pretty well most nights and really hope it continues.  He cry’s when we put him down but he then only wakes once during the night so can’t really complain!

I have not done any crafting, naturally.  As much as I would love to, I find I spend so much time with Luke and if I am not looking after him because he is sleeping then I am reading baby books!

I am also hoping to start attending some baby groups soon, so that will be good to get out and meet other mothers!

Roll on the next week!



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