18th – 20th April ’08


A bit late in posting this but hey ho, time to catch up! LOL!

Well Friday 18th April, my brother came down and spent the weekend with us, before the baby arrives.  He arrived at about 330pm and we immediately went down the framing shop to get my mom’s recent cross stitch finished as well as my wedding sampler.  So I collect them in about 3 weeks!  I can’t believe my mom’s discipline, she only does one cross stitch at a time and does not start a new one till it is finished!  To have the restraint!

My weekend was a weekend of firsts!  I managed 5 altogether, and here they are :

1. Went to a local art gallery with Gavin on Saturday, that is round the corner from my house.  I keep meaning to stop in and never do.  So seeing as Gavin is an artist as well I thought what a great reason.  So I took him!  It was lovely and the lady who runs it is South African so we got on really well!

2. Drove down a particular road that I have wanted to drive down for 4 yrs!

3. Took Gavin to a local Fish shop, again is really close to my house but we just never stop in and have a look!

4. Went to a new restaurant for dinner on the Saturday night, which was just lovely!

5. Went to a new Farm Hall on Sunday and had lunch in their restaurant and tried their local produce!

So my 5 new things!

Overall the weekend was great fun, and I had a blast, but I was exhausted by Sunday night and just really needed to rest.

My brother enjoyed himself as well, which is always the most important!


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