35week update


 Here I am at 35weeks in my pregnancy glory!  Wow, I am getting big!  5weeks left, provided Sixpence arrives on time!  Things are still going well, and Sixpence is still top of its charts for growth etc, but that is fine!

I am still working, although have reduced my hours slightly.  I find walking, bending and standing rather hard to do at the moment, but other than that it is great!

We have now come to the end of all our courses, having done Hypnobirthing, Breastfeeding and Parentcraft, oh and 2 ward tours!  So we are more than prepared!

I have still to pack my hospital bag, which I will do, but I keep delaying it, not sure why, I think it then signifies a closeness to possible hospital time! LOL!

Well I have my midwife checkup tomorrow, and from now on weekly I think!

So I am going to sign off here, as Sixpence is hiccuping and kicking and it is making sitting a bit uncomfortable! LOL!



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