Weekend already!


Yippee, it is the weekend!  TGIF!!!  So what has my weekend got in store?

Well today (Friday) a very good friend of mine who was my chief bridesmaid travelled down to see me with her daughter.  It was lovely to see them again and show them the nursery and all the baby stuff.  Her daughter is just adorable and just loved seeing everything! 

We went to the local pub for lunch and let her daughter play in the garden afterwards, which was lovely.  I did have tinges of jealousy as I can’t wait till that is me, taking my daughter or son out for lunch and then watching them play on the swings!  Not long now!

They left at about 230pm and I went back to work!

Saturday and Sunday are going to be quiet, I think!  Hubbie starts some golf lessons tomorrow, and we are visiting his parents at some stage, but that is all really.

I guess I will be cross stitching alot this weekend and also resting.  We are now 33wks + 3days! Wow!

Next week I have my 34wk growth scan and also my breastfeeding workshop!  Should be interesting!

Right off for a quick 40 winks before hubby gets home!


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