Aldeburgh – Sunday 30th March ’08


aldeburgh-300308-32wk-5days-1.jpg     aldeburgh-300308-32wk-5days.jpg  For some bizarre reason since I fell pregnant I have wanted to go to the seaside and sit on a wall and eat fish and chips!  Why, I hear you ask?  No idea, I just really wanted to!

So seeing as the weather was quite nice today, a bit windy but it was fine, Si decided to take me down to the seaside and it was great.  We arrived with 3mins to spare before the Fish and Chip shop closed, so I ran, rather lets say waddled in and got our lunch, whilst Si found a parking space.  We then walked to the pebble beach and sat on the wall and enjoyed our fish and chips!  It was just bliss!  I loved it!

When we had finished, we went for  slow walk down the pier and then into the town, and bought an ice-cream and sat on the wall again and finished it, before heading back to the car and driving home.

It was really nice, and so good to be out in the fresh air.  Can’t wait till Sixpence arrives and we can take it down to the seaside and walk along the pier.  I kept looking at all the families with their little babies and thinking that will be us in about 3 months!  How cool!


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