Jungle Babies update


jungle-babies.jpg This is what it will look like when done, but at the moment, here is mine so far :-

Jungle Babies - 26th Mar ‘08 Jungle Babies 26th Mar '08Well here is my Jungle Babies sampler after one day of stitching.  So this was taken on the 26th Mar.  I think this is going to take me quite a while, unless I can get my act together and stitch a bit quicker!

 Jungle Babies - 27th Mar ‘08 And here it is after last nights stitching!  So  it is progressing!  I am really enjoying it!

Tonight I hope to take a picture of my work station.  Only because my darling husband bought me a bump bag, which is designed for pregnant ladies to put their bumps in a hole so you lie on your tummy.  But it is great to sit up against as well, as it is just so comfortable.  Anyway I have managed to lower the height of my x-stitch stand so I can now sit on my bag and stitch, and it is great!

I was finding it hard holding the frame and stitching with my bump!  But problem now solved!  So will post piccy this weekend!


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