I am going through a phase at the moment where I need to find penpals! I have loads of people I already write to but I want more!

And it got me thinking, we don’t write letters anymore! Everything is done via email and although faster is rather impersonal. So I wanted to try snail mail!

Low and behold I got my first snail mail penpal. Tuesday morning and letter arrived through my door in a pretty envelope addressed to me!!! The smile on my face was unbelievable, it felt so wonderful to actually receive a hand written letter! So the ball has started rolling, I now need to reply……

Now I realise why I love email! I am always on my PC, mail comes in, reply goes out bamn done ! Letter received in the post, sitting on the desk, reply still waiting to be written! Where do I find the time! Now I know why I email!!! But I won’t be beaten so this weekend, when hubbie is at golf I will be sitting in my garden (provided the weather is good) and hand writting my replies. This will now become my Saturday ritual from here on in, in the hope that I never get behind in replying!

Receiving my letter took me back to my childhood! When I lived in Africa, we never had email, and I had over 200 penpals at one point! And each week I would send out loads of letters around the world and I loved it!

So am I recreating my childhood, who knows, but one thing is for sure, nothing feels better than getting a hand written letter (not a bill or junk mail) through the post marked to you from some exotic place in the world!

So roll on Saturday and my letter writing session!


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