Craft update


My crafts have not been worked on much recently!

Baby cardigan – I am on the last sleeve of this with about 7cms left to stitch! Hoping to get it done this weekend, or tonight at knitting group! Then I just need to sew it up!

No other knitting has taken place!

Cross-stitch not done any of that recently either! Awful isn’t it?

So why have I not been doing my crafts?!?! Well as the weather has been so wonderful the last few days, after work, I make a cup of tea, take my blanket, lay it in the garden and sit and read for a few hours! Pure bliss! Which means my other crafts are not being worked on as much! But I am loving the fresh air at the moment!

So what am I am ready that I can’t put down? Well again I have gone back to my childhood and am reading Anne of Green Gables! The last time I saw this film I think I was about 10! And I am loving it! So on my Christmas present list this year is going to be the collection of Anne of Green Gables books. It is a classic and one that will never be forgotten and this way I can pass it onto my children, just like the Harry Potter set!

Certainly a week of childhood memories for me!


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  1. Anne of Green Gables is definitely a classic. I’ve read it more times than I can count and never tire of it. In fact, you’re reminded me I should read it again soon!!!

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